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Guest post — TEEN TALK: One Teen’s Guide to Conquering OCD

Today’s entry comes from Josh Steinberg, a high school sophomore who was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and severe OCD in 2012. Josh found help with a therapist using ERP and is doing great. Now, Josh has decided to share his story with other teens affected by OCD. Josh will be presenting a talk in… Read more »

Guest Post: “Better Luck Next Time, OCD!”

Today’s blog comes from Jared, a teenager living with OCD. He originally wrote this post for his high school’s blog to share his experiences with other students at his school and raise awareness about OCD. Jared is a 17-year-old who enjoys playing competitive baseball, recreational golf and tennis, working out, and volunteering for community service projects… Read more »

Talking to Kids About OCD

I had the privilege of visiting with a third-grader named Faith over lunch this past winter. She is the cutest nine-year-old in the world, all eyes and sweet, sweet smile.  Not kidding, you look at this little girl and think, Oh my gosh, a hug from this child could change the world. Faith is the strongest, bravest nine-year-old… Read more »