Below you will find links to more in-depth articles covering a wide range of topics related in OCD in Kids & Teens. The articles in this section were written by mental health professionals and researchers who are experts in pediatric OCD. We would like to thank all of our contributors to this excellent resource.

Special Topics

Have We Forgotten the Children Who Have a Parent with OCD? Accommodation and Early Intervention
by Jennifer Jencks, LICSW and Barbara Van Noppen, PhD
Published: Spring 2010

My Parents Don’t Believe I Have OCD
by Fred Penzel, PhD
Published: Winter 2014

NEW!! Getting Rubbed the Wrong Way:
What Parents and Clinicians Should Know About Sensory Dysregulation

by Jonathan Hoffman, PhD, Fred Penzel, PhD, & Robert Hudak, MD
Published: Fall 2019


New Research Investigates How PANDAS Affects the Brain, and How One Treatment May Work: Brain, Behavior, & Immunity
by Chris Pittinger, MD, PhD
Published: Spring 2018


NEW!! “Should I Be Scared?” Examining Parents’ Interpretations of Children’s Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts
by Noah Chase Berman, PhD
Published Summer 2019

OCD has a Profoundly Detrimental Effect on Educational Performance, New IOCDF-sponsored Study Reports
by Ana Pérez-Vigil, MD, David Mataix-Cols, PhD & Lorena Fernández de la Cruz, PhD
Published: Spring 2018

Why Therapists Don’t Use ERP for Youth with OCD and What We an Do About It: Insights from a National Survey of Private Practice Therapists
by Andrew Guzick, MS, and Adam Reid, PhD
Published: Winter 2018