Many intensive treatment programs now offer summer "camps" for children and teens with OCD. These programs vary and approach and style, and range from traditional "sleep away" camps, to daytime camps where children sleep at home, or stay with family nearby. For information about any of these programs, please contact the organizations directly. To have a camp added to this list, please email us at

Adventure Camp

Who: Children and Adolescents
When:  Monday, July 29th - Friday, August 2nd, 2024. 9am-3pm
Where: Oak Brook, IL
Contact:  630-230-6505
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About: Adventure Camp is a five-day in-vivo, in-situ intensive exposure therapy program designed to simulate the classroom environment to treat students with selective mutism. It runs in August so that the therapy occurs right before the start of the new school year, increasing treatment carryover into your child's school. Adventure Camp runs from 9am - 3pm for five days (Monday - Friday), providing 30 hours of intensive exposure therapy, as well as 7.5 hours of parent guidance, for a total of 37.5 hours of therapy in one week, expediting treatment.

Child Mind Institute 2024 Summer Program

Who: Children ages 5-10 with ADHD, social, behavioral, or learning challenges
When: Weekdays Monday, July 8, 2024 – Friday, August 2, 2024 / 9:00am – 3:00pm ET 
Where: Allen-Stevenson School,
132 East 78 th Street, New York, NY 10075
Contact: Call (646) 625-4239 or email
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About: Our four-week treatment program serves children ages 5-10 who have ADHD or need help with social, behavioral, or learning challenges. Children participating in the program will benefit from a high level of support and counselor expertise as they work on an individualized set of goals. Our small group sizes and 1:2 staff-to-child ratio allow us to provide frequent feedback and real-time interventions to facilitate behavior change.

Child Mind Institute Brave Buddies® Program

Who: Children ages 3-12 diagnosed with selective mutism
When: Monday, August 5, 2024 – Friday, August 9, 2024 / 9:00am – 2:00pm ET
Where: Allen-Stevenson School, 132 East 78 th Street, New York, NY 10075
Contact: Call (646) 625-4422 or
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About: Brave Buddies® is a group intensive behavioral therapy program designed to help children ages
3-12 with selective mutism speak in school and other public settings. Using a simulated classroom, the
program offers children a safe environment to practice “brave talking” with positive feedback.

Camp Courage (Massachusetts)

Who: Children and Adolescents (Ages 7-15)
When: June 24th - 28th and August 19th - 23rd, 2024. 9:00am–2:00pm
Where: 81 Hartwell Avenue, Suite 310, Lexington MA, 02421
Contact: Email to learn more and sign up!
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About:  Camp Courage is a summer program where children learn CBT strategies to help tame anxiety and increase self-confidence. The camp provides a fun and supportive environment where therapeutic counselors will lead individual and group activities that challenge youth to be brave and get out of their comfort zone. Email to learn more and sign up!

Camp Courage (Texas)

Who: Children and teens (ages 8 to 18)
When: Month of April. Contact for specific dates.
Where: Marble Falls, Texas
Contact:  512-246-7225 or email
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About: Camp Courage is an adventure based therapeutic overnight camp designed specifically for children and teens with anxiety and OCD. Surrounded by over 300 serene acres in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, campers will take a break from the stress and distractions of daily life to focus on finding freedom from anxiety and OCD. Camp Courage provides children and teens with a unique opportunity to challenge their anxiety in a fun, supportive environment alongside their peers who can relate to the unique challenge of navigating childhood and adolescence with anxiety and OCD.

Cognitive & Behavioral Consultants' 4-Day OCD Intensive

Who: Youth ages 12-18 with OCD
When: June 28th - July 1st 2024
Where: 1 North Broadway, Suite 704
White Plains, NY 10601
Contact:  (914) 385-1150 x 1 or e-mail

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About: A four-day CBT program for adolescents with OCD (ages 12-18) that offers intensive, individualized exposure and response prevention practice in a group format.

Courageous Campers 

Who: Children with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and/or an anxiety disorder (social anxiety, specific phobia, illness anxiety, or separation anxiety) between the ages of 8 and 15 years.
When: July 15th to July 19th 2024.
The camp day will occur from 12:30 pm until 4:30 pm. Before care from 11:30 am until 12:30 pm. After care from 4:30 pm until 6 pm.
Where: Rise Center for OCD & Anxiety
3500 Canal Street  New Orleans, Louisiana
Contact: Visit or call 504-977-2229

About: Courageous Campers, a therapeutic summer camp, is presented in partnership by OCD Louisiana and Rise Center for OCD and Anxiety. It is made possible by the generous grant-funding of JACK Mental Health Advocacy (MHA) and sponsorship by Dufrene Surveying and Engineering.This program was developed with consultation of JACK MHA clinical staff and the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF).Our one-week camp is designed exclusively for children and adolescents navigating anxiety and OCD challenges. Our unique program seamlessly blends summer camp fun with evidence-based interventions, allowing campers to conquer fears and break free from the cycle of anxiety. Watch as your child not only embraces new friendships with peers who understand and share similar experiences but also gains valuable tools to conquer anxiety and OCD. This summer, empower their journey by becoming Courageous Campers.

Fear Facers Summer Camp

Who: Children and Adolescents (Ages 7-15)
When: June 17-21 and July 8-12 2024
Where: Kanapaha Veterans Memorial Park in Gainesville, FL
Contact: 352.265.4OCD (4623)
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About: Children and adolescents with obsessive-compulsive disorder and/or anxiety are invited to join us this summer for a one- or two-week camp session. In addition to daily therapy, participants between the ages of 7 and 15 will experience activities that allow for personal growth and improved behaviors. If you are interested in camp, please call 352.265.4OCD (4623) to speak to someone about enrollment.

Fearless Family Camp For OCD and Anxiety

Who: Kids entering 5th-8th grade
When: June 27-30th 2024
Where: Cedar Valley, West Bend, Wisconsin
Contact:  (608) 673-4085
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About: The retreat begins on Thursday morning and ends with brunch on Sunday. Kids and caregivers will have their own programming schedules, although some activities will be for everyone to experience together. Kids' programming will include time for exposure and response prevention, ERP, as well as art activities, games, and more. Caregiver programming will include education about OCD and family accommodation opportunities, connecting with other caregivers, and time to engage and create activities and relaxation. The retreat will be a balance of activities, designed to be therapeutic, relaxing, and fun!

Learning to Thrive: Emotion Explorers Camp

Who: 9-12 year old children experiencing symptoms of OCD or anxiety
When: July 8-12 from 8am-4pm daily
Where: New England Center for OCD and Anxiety, 612 Main Street, Melrose, MA
Contact: Dr. Katrina Daigle at or (617) 444-9485
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The Emotion Explorers camp is a supportive, therapeutic, exposure-based environment where therapists and ERP coaches will support your children in getting out of their comfort zone and be brave by guiding them through games, activities, and other new experiences. The camp structure will include morning group therapy and individualized coached ERP therapy and afternoon exploration activities outside, tailored specifically for the group!

Mighty Minds SRQ- OCD and Anxiety Camp

Who: Children and adolescents ages 7-15 with interfering OCD/Anxiety symptoms (Diagnosis not required)
When: June 10-14th, 2024
Where: Parent and Child Psychological Services PLLC, Sarasota, FL
Contact:  (941) 357-4090 or email ATTN: OCD Camp
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About: Mighty Minds SRQ- OCD and Anxiety Camp is an exposure-based camp designed for children and adolescents with OCD (including PANS/PANDAS related) and/or anxiety symptoms that are affecting their daily lives. Mighty Minds SRQ utilizes Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) and other in-vivo and imaginal exposure techniques. There will be a two-part intake process (a parent intake and a child intake) and one additional child hierarchy building session prior to the start of the camp week. The camp will take place from 9AM-2PM Monday June 10th through Friday June 14th, 2024. This intensive camp model is a great way for your child to make progress in a fun and supportive environment. Parents will also gain valuable knowledge and skills to support their child in continued progress and success, and will be incorporated into exposures during the camp week.

Mighty Mouth Kids Camp Sarasota (MMK-SRQ)- Selective Mutism Camp

Who: Children ages 4-10 with selective mutism and/or severe social anxiety
When: July 11th & 12th, 2024 11AM-1 PM Eastern- Virtual Parent Training; July 16th-19th, 2024 Lead-Ins; July 22nd-26th, 2024 Camp week
Where: Parent and Child Psychological Services PLLC, Sarasota, FL
Contact: (941) 357-4090 or email ATTN: MMK-SRQ
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About: Mighty Mouth Kids Camp- Sarasota (MMK-SRQ) is a 5-day SM camp based on the MMK model developed by Dr. Steven Kurtz. Our camp director Dr. Kate Gibson was the Director of Training at Kurtz Psychology from 2019-2022. Our camp replicates a school/camp setting with a 1:1 counselor to camper ratio. Campers will practice brave talking in indoor and outdoor group play and in structured activities. They will have the opportunity to enjoy snacks and lunch with peers, to practice raising their hand and participating, and asking for help in a classroom setting. Campers will do 3 different presentations in front of the group over the course of the camp week, and will ask and answer questions about the presentations. Campers will practice speaking in community settings (e.g., pizza lunch & shaved ice truck). They will also attend a field trip. The camp week is Monday July 22nd through Friday July 26th, 9 AM - 2 PM. The week prior to camp (Tuesday July 16th to Friday July 19th) is reserved for lead-in sessions to get kiddos ready for camp and will be scheduled separately for each child. Parent training and live parent coaching are an integral part of our camp experience. Parent training takes place virtually July 11th and 12th 11 AM to 1 PM Eastern.

Mind Fit's Anxiety/OCD Booster Bootcamp

Who: Youth ages 9-17 with interfering anxiety/OCD, and their caregivers
(Diagnosis not required)
When: Feb. 10 and 11, 2024. Youth: 9-3:30PM. Caregivers: 9-12:30PM
Where: Branksome Hall
10 Elm Avenue, Toronto
Contact: (647)646-3348 or email

About: 2 days of interactive, dynamic, and engaging sessions that include: Mindfulness muscle studio and sticky thinking smackdown for youth. Also includes, accommodation eliminators and training for real-life scenarios for caregivers.

Riding the Wave: Summer Camp for Orthodox Jewish Kids with Anxiety & OCD 

Who: Children entering 3rd-6th grade
When: August 26-30, 2024
Where: Northern New Jersey
Contact: (732) 355-3077, email Simi
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About: Our program is run by psychologists with extensive training in the treatment of pediatric anxiety and OCD and years of experience running summer programs, and is additionally staffed by counselors with focused training in this treatment model. As opposed to traditional weekly therapy, our consecutive day camp schedule allows for quicker progress to set your child up for success. Our 1:1 ratio allows us to closely attend to your child so that we can recognize and address problem behaviors in natural, community-based settings. We design a fun-packed schedule of activities and skills-learning tailored to your child's unique treatment goals. We cater to the Orthodox Jewish population. In addition to our religious sensitivities and thoughtfulness around religious-related practices, Kosher (Cholov Yisroel) lunch and snacks will be provided daily. 

Voices Rising Summer 2024

Who: Teens (12-18)
When: July 29- Aug. 2nd 2024
Where: Bronxville Elementray School in Bronxville, New York
Contact: 914-385-1150, option 1 or email
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About: Voices Rising is an intensive group treatment for children aged 4-12 with Selective Mutism (SM). Using a classroom-like structure, the group provides many opportunities to speak and engage with other peers and adults Visit their website for more information.

Youth Anxiety Camp by Anxiety Experts

Who: Children and teens 8-17
When: June 14-16th 2024
Where: TBD
Contact: (805)705-0614 or email
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About: Introducing the Youth Anxiety Camp by Anxiety Experts in Summer 2024!
Mark your calendars for June 14-16th 2024. Our camp will offer two age tracks: 8-12 and 13-17 (limited to 20 kids each). The camp will run for three half-days from 9am-1pm, with a supervised lunch break for 30 minutes. We encourage kids to wear comfortable, old clothes for art activities and bring their lunch. The Youth Anxiety Camp will offer a safe and supportive environment for kids to learn about managing and coping with anxiety. The camp will be led by licensed therapists who specialize in working with children and adolescents. Through a variety of fun and engaging activities, campers will learn practical strategies for managing anxiety and engage the arts in creative expression. The camp will be held near our Santa Monica office, the specific location is tbd. Please email if you are interested in receiving more information about enrolling your child in the summer camp. More information will be added to soon.

*The International OCD Foundation shares these types of resources as a way of helping to connect kids and families with treatment opportunities in their area. We are in no way affiliated with the programs mentioned above.